The end of this Blog

In programming, the first lesson is always to write some code to display ‘Hello World’. Now it is the time for this blog to say ‘Goodbye World’. But my love for this world will last forever.

Thank you all for being the audience of this blog. This blog has covered news, stories or event previews about Purdue Geeks for the entire spring semester from January to May 2016. It is an honor and interesting thing to follow them.

It is an honor and interesting thing to follow them. I have learned a lot from them. The people we call geek is not just a bunch of Technology weirdos. They are a group of people who pay more passion on what they love. They stick to what they do, never really get disturbed by others. I can see a pure love for creativity with a great concentration on those people. It is such a pleasure to have these lovely people around us on campus.

I think for normal students we should also equip ourselves with some geek vision. This world is moving forward so fast. There are countless new technologies emerging every day changing our life. As a com student, what I learned from this experience is we should always have an eye to observe the influence on our society brought by technology. Technology is changing, so is our humanity.

At last, I want to thank all the people who once helped me with this blog. The advice, information or resources offered by those people are very valuable to me.

I hope one day I will focus on this group of people and open another blog again! See you in future!



What should a tech student do during the upcoming summer?




The important things should be repeated 3 times

For technology students, an  internship is so important that  it is rated as the most decisive things on your career fair. When you graduate, a good internship is much more useful than your high GPA. Every summer vacation should not be wasted for you can always use your experience of old internships to find a better one for the next summer.

So geeks can’t have any recreation during summer?


The biggest comic conversation is coming.

San Diego Comic-Con International

Comic-Con International: San Diego


It is regarded as the best Comic Conference in the year. Actually in every year. Those biggest comic companies and game companies can never risk missing one. It will be a Disney land for geeks.

This year it will be held in San Diego Conference Centre in California starting on July 20th. Check their official website to see how many special guests will attend this big event ! Even the list of special guest is 7 pages long !

Game of Thrones

The new season of Game of Thrones will be released today !  This Tv show can be named as one of the most popular TV shows in history. I myself is also a big fan of this show.

This Tv shows is so popular that I will just skip those “Normal ” fun facts which may already be familiar to you. I finally found these fun fact that you may have never seen.

1. Sean Bean played soccer with his prosthetic head after dying.

Sean Bean is famous for his fate in movies or Tv shows. Every character he played was killed, including our Northen King. This time, Sean was a little creeped out by his unavoidable death, or his prosthetic head. He played his head as a soccer.

2. Graphic designer Michael Tyznik has made his own TFL style underground maps to reflect geography of George RR Martin’s world.

You can get the circle line from Casterly Rock to King’s Landing. And Stark family didn’t need to go all the way from the North to King’s Landing. Imagine the scene that they just hop on a train with their wolfs.

Game of Thrones rail map

3. Harry Lloyd, who played Viserys Targaryen, is the great-great-great grandson of Charles Dickens.

Viserys Targaryen (Harry Lloyd) is the great-great-great grandson of Charles Dickens.

This fact is really shocking among those countless “fun” facts of the casts which only tell you about who is dating whom.

4. George R.R. Martin has Game of Thrones Insurance. 

Soon after Game of Thrones started on HBO, Martin sat down with showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and told them the ending of the books, in case he dies before he has a chance to finish writing; or perhaps. – if people on Twitter are as dangerous as they claim – if Martin gets assassinated by angry fans who are upset that he has murdered their favorite characters.

There is a possibility that Martin may get assassinated by angry fans who are upset that he has murdered their favorite characters.—He had killed too many of them.

5. Many babies are born with a name of Westeros. 

In 2014, 1544 babies were named Arya in the United States, making it the 216th most popular name.

In addition to Arya, 368 babies were named Khaleesi – which technically is a title bestowed upon a person meaning “Queen,” and not a name – while 60 were named Tyrion.

Thankfully, there are no records of anyone naming their kid Joffrey; or at least no one admitting to naming their kid Joffrey.

6.  The writers put in fake death scenes to trick the actors.

Sometimes writers gave fake scripts to trick the actor. When those actors read their scripts, they were thinking ‘omg I will get killed, how to act that?’ Then about three weeks later the writer would tell them the truth. ‘Sorry guys it was just a joke.’

7. The opening title sequence was inspired by one of Leonardo da Vinci’s machines.


According to the designer, one of the Leonardo da Vinci’s machine is a little world inside a big complicated globe. The continents on the globe can be moved and changed into different shapes to display geographic dynamics.

9. Check out how Japanese fans portray Game of Thrones. 

Bran Stark and Hodor journey north

Tyrion at the Eyrie

Battle of the Trident

A dream comes true

Maybe you know that Tesla is trying to develop autopilot for their advanced cars. But do you know it is already completed and applied to reality?

Now Tesla users can have a try on autopilot for one month!

Every new Tesla mobile has been equipped with the hardware to realize autopilot. It uses many sensors, radars and cameras to detect the road condition. It can maintain the car in the current lane with a safe speed. Also it has a quick response to engage with coming traffic. Many people may have a doubt that whether it is safe to use autopilot system. Actually it is much safer and easier than manually driving. You can imagine that when emergency occurs, it is hard for you to make any reactions, and you might do something wrong in the moment. But this will never happen to autopilot system.

During the whole autopiloting process, you can check the screen to see how it drives your car. If you are not satisfied with its performance, you can always change it under your control immediately.

Check the blog released by Tesla to have a more detailed information.

The funny thing is, many people don’t believe that autopilot has come to reality. They still think that it is in a far away future. Check this funny video of a granny’s response to autopilot.


Do you remember Liam?

Liam is the robot invented by Apple for environmental concerns. People just need to return their old phones to Apple shops, Liam will automatically disassemble the phone to extract  valuable metal from it. How does it do so far?

According to the article, Apple has literally extracted a ton of gold from recycling old hardware. It recovered over 61 million pounds of metals and plastics, the most valuable of which was 2,204lb (997.1kg) of gold. At today’s gold prices it would be worth roughly $40m.

Guess how many iPhones have been “killed” by Liam? 1.2 million iPhones. That is an incredible number which shows not only the power of Liam but more about the whole advanced recycling flow of Apple.

At the announcement conference in March, there were not many people paying attention to Liam. They thought it was just a public relation strategy. But Liam is not just a robot, or for public relation. It is an innovation story. A new trend is coming.

Now Liam has proved that it works!! Big companies do have the power to solve serious problems.

I think that is what Apple really want to do. They did not just announce a simple distracting robot.It is more about a kind of leading sense. They are showing what future could be and what way can we use to improve our environment. They want to change and define the industry.

Apple is applying an example to the industry. They show us what a big company can do and should do . There will be a day that the standard for all companies is to equip a complete resource recycling system.

Or they can hire Apple to do this.

Where are we going?

As the technology of Virtual Reality growing mature, I really don’t know what is the future we are approaching. Just like what the famous movie Matrix portrayed, virtual reality is likely to replace our real life.

The movie Matrix tells a story that human beings are governed by machines. People are forced to live in a virtual world where they cannot sense that their life is not real.

So the problem is if our virtual life is wonderful enough, why we still bother ourselves to live a real, painful life? If another world will definitely emerge, so will another society? How do we distinguish the reality and the virtuality?

Fortunately, I think the technology won’t be mature enough to create a complete perfect virtual world before my death. So I don’t need to worry that I will be addicted to a virtual world. But I think that this technology will necessarily bring a new kind of emotion, or kill an old one.

Just like the case of social medias, people are changed a lot by technologies in past decades. Before social medias, when we were apart, we missed each other. At that time, missing a person was a kind of a vague emotion. If we missed a person, we imagined how he lived, how he felt. When we had an opportunity to met each other again, we often felt a great surprise and joy. It was actually a little bit romantic.

Then social medias killed this emotion. Nowadays we can contact others and check others’ life at any time. We don’t need to spend time on missing somebody. You can see who you want to see every day. People’s emotion is becoming simpler and simpler. I cannot say whether this is good or not, but there is something missing forever.

The same thing will also happen to  virtual reality. I don’t know what will be taken away by this technology, and what will be brought to us.

I guess this is how human beings grow and evolve. When we develop a new technology, we just adapt ourselves to it. We get rid of our useless parts and accept new ones.

Are we growing healthily ?  We will see. But the old time is always good, and I will definitely miss it.

A new way to survive in India.

I just read this really interesting article about How google maps will now help you avoid traffic jams across india.

Everyone has tried the navigation mode of google map, we knew that it can automatically choose the quickest route and tell you how many minutes you can save by the better route. But now the navigation mode will tell you more. When you chose a busy route, it will report the route condition like “heavier route” and how many minutes you will waste on this route.  Also sometimes it will give you a traffic alert to inform you about some  really bad traffic jams.

What google are doing is combining the real-time traffic information into  their apps. It is newly released by their Indian engineers. Although now it can only be used in India, it will soon expanded to U.S.

But!!!! I had an ultimate big question for their Indian engineers. How do they deal with those cows on road!!! An afternoon walk of a cow can often cause a big traffic jam because cows are regarded as sacred. You never know how long will it sit in the middle of a road. The only things you know is that you should never piss it off.

Since the engineers cannot answer my questions, I guess cows may be portraied  as some serious traffic alerts.

“Warning, A cow on road XXXXX”


This week is a Commitment week!

Purdue Hacker is holding a commitment week. What is a commitment week? Let us firstly listen to an introduction from one of the Purdue Hackers, Taek.

So this activity is trying to get everybody involved and give them an opportunity to learn from each other. From Github you can dirrectly view others’ codes design, which is a good way to share your ideas and experience with the community.

This is also a traditional way for coders to hold events, lol.

Don’t miss this event! It is very useful!

TheGithub page of this event gives the following instructions:

Adding your project to the repository


> git clone [git-repo-url] commitmentweek
> cd commitmentweek

Add your repository as a submodule, add, commit, and push!

> git submodule add YourRepoURL 
> git add . 
> git commit -m "Adding MyProjectName"
> git push -u origin master

How it is like to work at a start up?

Spencer Brown, a previous President of Purdue Hackers, shared his experiences working at various startups including Mixmax, his current company, on Friday, April 8th. This event attracted almost 60 Purdue hackers to attend.

He mainly talked about the tradeoffs of working at a smaller company, that in a startup every employee needs to be a person with multiple functions. Many people are overwhelmed, but they get a good exercise in many perspectives that they never tried before. He also didn’t forget what he was doing right now. Mixmax is trying to build an assistant which can be plugged in your mailbox.

He also talked about what you need to know to start a startup. To my surprise, he regarded money as most important things. Without money, nothing can be started. He told some stories and insights of the industry of startup.
He also mentionedMixmax is hiring for full-time and internships, which got the most attention and interest from audiences during the whole event.  The whole Q &A session was mainly focusing on answering questions about jobs.

Every participant seemed to enjoy the free Mexican Food and the sharing meeting.  It was also a good opportunity to gather everyone together. People relaxed and chatted with each other, which felt really good. From this event, we can see the effort spent by Purdue Hackers to help the community members on job market. This is a good beginning for them.

it was also a good opportunity to gather everyone together.

The review of the event:

The interview of an organizer: