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Superhero Landing




Yes, we have seen this similar scene for thousands of times.

Okay it looks cool at the first time.

But when all superheroes REPEAT the same thing, we are thinking:

Why do you guys kneel down in front of your enemy every time,  every time!

So let us see how much  those superheroes are addicted to this posture.


Batman did it. (Okay Batman is a normal people with no superpower, we understand that he needs to kneel down to absorb the impact of landing. We forgive you, Bruce.)


Superman did it.(Come on, you are one of the most powerful superheroes. Be mature!)


Ant-man did it. ( Your landing is too small to be noticed.)


Black Widow did it. (You have the most graceful movement)


Thor did it (With a big hammer,it looks tiring)


Spiderman did it. (Don’t stick to ground)


Iron Man did it twice. (Maybe more than twice.)

This posture is too frequent in movie that we should introduce it into Olympics. Just like diving, it will be graded by balance, fluency and aesthetics of physical movements. And audience will cheer for the true winner.

Actually this posture is called 3 point landing which is often seen in movies or comic books. You may think it as some scientific movement for getting balance and reducing impact during the landing process.

But in fact, it is not. It is totally made up. Nobody do that, nobody. There’s no scientific evidence to support it.

The real 3 point landing refers to an aircraft landing in which both the main gear (the wheels further back on tricycle gear aircraft like airliners) and the nosewheel/tailwheel touch down on the runway at the same time, which is seen as a mark of skill among pilots.

So, trying to invent a new posture, superheroes!

P.S.  Captain America never did superhero landing (not in films.) Good job, Captain!



Even Zuckerburg Cannot Stand the Temptation of VR,

Facebook recently announced it formed a “Social VR” team to build technology that creates new ways for people to have social experiences in virtual reality and to engage with Facebook’s network in virtual settings. Mark Zuckerburg unveiled the team on Sunday, the day before the Mobile World Congress began in Barcelona, Spain.

Back to last Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg invited President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to join him for a game of zero-gravity ping-pong on a virtual-reality headset.

They were like this:


Although it is hard to imagine they were playing ping-pong, but it looks really cool. All signs have shown that the era of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is coming.

So,everyone will looks like Robocop in 5 years? What is VR? What is the use of it? You may have a lot of questions about it. This article is to help readers to figure out the situation right now.

VR which can be referred to as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality, replicates an environment that simulates a physical presence in places in the real world or an imagined world, allowing the user to interact in that world. But right now technology can only enable people to see the “world”. Other interactions like  smell, touch will be realized in future. VR can be a world above reality, it can be a middle earth, or a galaxy far far away……

AR is cooler than VR. It is augmented reality. AR means that your interaction with your interface on the screen can show some real influence in your real world. You can see many operational menu floating in the real world through your AR glasses.

So when you are in VR, you are just immersing in a totally new world. All the things you can see have 3D structures and reactions to your actions.

Actually the potential of VR is so huge that this technology may trigger another generation of information era. I will show some hint and I believe you will immediately get inspired!

VR and News
VR and Education, Trainning
VR and Scientific Model Building
VR and Medical Science
VR and Online Business
VR and Sports Game
VR and Concert or Live


And game!!!!!!!

Right now VR games are on the rise.

Check this video out:  Introducing 360 dynamic streaming in VR. It will help you get the direct impact from VR game.

I think I got your attention right now. You must wonder, there seems to be many VR devices on market, are these products really mature enough to use?

Right now the hottest VR device is Oculus Rift


It is the most well known VR device. It is high-powered and tracking head movement. It has one of the best visual performance among all VR devices. Oculus is including an official Xbox One wireless gamepad with every headset.

There are other devices featuring different aspects.

Fore VR:


Its biggest feature is that it has an eye-tracking sensors, which allow users to interact with their virtual environment through their eyeballs, rather than a handheld controller like most of their competitors.

Sony’s headset

Sony-Project-Morpheus (1).jpg

For those PS4 players, their headsets designed for PS4 is coming. While it is for countering XBOX VR games, it is also a high quality VR devices.

Microsoft Hololens


Microsoft Hololens is aiming at augmented reality. It is an smarter, more interactive version of google glass. It want to be a daily necessities but there’s still a long way for it to go.

Google Cardboard


The cutest and cheapest one! There’s no advanced technology in it. It is made up by optical lens, hard paper and a little device connected to your phone which can shows the image of your vision on your phone. And it can provide the basic feeling of visual reality! It is called the VR gateway drug to let you get used to the vision in VR and help you to step into the coming era.


We can see this new technology is coming, but its footsteps are not firm enough. We still need to wait the huge development in this technology. But even seeing the first dawn light of this new era is so exciting !


Quick Knowledge about Facebook New Reaction

When we scan others’ Facebook pages, I think many of us have experienced a scenario like this: “Oh why does this man post such boring things.” or “Stop posting your selfies!!!” We all hope someday there can be a “dislike” button to anonymously stop some silly posts.

Right now Facebook is doing something similarly. Unfortunately we still don’t have the “dislike” button on Facebook, but there are some new reactions containing emoji which expands our options. With more options, we can deliver our emotion more accurately. Here is the article: Facebook Reaction are coming.

This article not only shows the new function of Facebook, it also explains why more specific reactions are important. “It will become a new trend of all social media.” At last, it gives some insight views from marketing of social media industry which is quite valuable.

The Top of Geeks, Astronauts


We all know Purdue has a long history collaborate with NASA. One of the most famous Astronaut, Neil Armstrong, came from Purdue. After him, Purdue is called ‘the cradle of astronauts.’ So in this post, I want to talk about those Purdue astronauts and get everybody proud of our school.

We have 23 astronauts who have actually flown into the space. Among these people, Jerry Ross has conduct 7 operations which is the most.  Purdue has launched book, app and exhibit about him. The book is called “Spacewalker: My Journey in Space and Faith as NASA’s Record-Setting Frequent Flyer.” He was retired in 2012. The book is about his legendary story. The last person who has walked on the moon, Cerman, called his story “the American Dream.” And he comes from Indiana. He is a local hero.


And Neil Armstrong is the first astronauts who graduated from Purdue. He graduated in 1955.

This is an official website where you can look up the mission those astronauts are involved: Purdue Astronauts

And as Purdue students, we are lucky because these astronauts will sometimes come back to campus and give us precious speeches.


Some ‘Dangerous’ Facts only Known by Technology Students


Purdue is a cool school. Actually it is so cooooooooool!

You may say, ‘ oh I don’t think so , we don’t looks fancy and we are quite conservative. ‘

No, you are totally wrong. There are two secrets hiding in the hearts of technology students. They only talk about these secrets by whispering.

Now, come closer, I will tell you.


1.We have a  Nuclear Reactor  (Yes, don’t mess with us)

In the basement of Purdue’s Electrical Engineering Building exists a curious sight: A 17-foot-deep, well-like structure filled with water and surrounded by equipment that seems straight out of science fiction.

It’s the Purdue University Reactor No. 1, or PUR-1, and it’s been helping nuclear engineering students understand the intricacies of nuclear fission since 1962.

And don’t be Panic. Because the reactor is built only for research purpose, the core can only produce up to one kilowatt of thermal energy, which is about the energy household toasters or hair driers. It is totally safe.

And it is also one of the 31 non-power-producing reactors in the country.



2. We grow Marijuana  (Yes, we are wild.)

Of course it is for industrial study!

Hemp, one of the world’s oldest cultivated crops, was once an important source of oilseed and fiber in the United States.Purdue researchers have planted test plots of industrial hemp to help provide answers to basic questions of its production.

The field day is at the Meigs Farm, part of Throckmorton Purdue Agricultural Center. The farm is at 9101 S. 100 E, about 10 miles south of Lafayette. (Don’t try to sneak to that place.)

It is under the control of Purdue Agricultural Department(which is one of the best agricultural departments in U.S.).


So what do you think now, our school sounds pretty cool, right?

And these ‘evil’ experiments are conducted by our geeks everyday.



Coming Event!


Purdue Hackers is hosting a coding competition to see who can build the most deadly battleship bot the world has ever seen.The event will be held on February 26th from 6 to 9 pm at The Anvil.

You may wonder, are they really building a battleship? It is a robot or a kind of game? Actually the battleship is a kind of AI on the server coded by Purdue hackers.

Hackers will be sailors and soldiers at that time. There are rules and standards to assess the AIs and make them have actual fight with each other! The specific rules will be revealed next week.

This event can be a good start for you to get closer to this organization because it is more than a coding contest which may seems boring.  It is called battleship because it is indeed a virtual battleship!  This war is not only made up by a bunch of codes, also visual images included. The scene will be really wild then!

Here are some additional information:

1) All bots must be developed during the event
2) Skeleton/Starter code will be provided in multiple languages
3) Participants will have 2 hours to build their bots
4) The bot with the most battles won at the end of the night will be crowned the king of the sea.

Annnnnnd…….Free pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is your last concern, right? Even grabbing a slice of pizza and watching those virtual cannons shooting data bullets to each others can also be fun.

You can find more information on Purdue Hackers’ Facebook.

One of the Coolest Purdue Organization

Everyone knows that in present society, technology is developing in a unbelievable speed. The people who know technology are always standing ahead in this era. In Purdue, there is also a bunch of people who are trying to become the key players in the world of technology.

They are called Purdue Hackers.

Oh, don’t be back down by their names. They are not those hackers who locked themselves in small dark room staring at screens preparing some schemes. Actually there is no threshold to join them. Let us see what kind of event they hold:

1. Hack nights:

It is held twice a month to build network among hackers. They want you to bring any personal projects, ideas, or friends to build and learn about cool up and coming technologies. This is the place where you can find your best teammates and try to do something can lead to the changes. They also invite speakers from cutting edge companies in the industry as well.


You may know nothing about coding or technology, so you think all you can do is being jealous of those hackers. Not at all! Actually you are welcomed by Purdue Hackers.Ignite is a one on one coding bootcamp ran in the fall by the Purdue Hackers team. Incoming freshmen are each paired with an upperclassman mentor and over the course of the semester, is guided through the process of creating an awesome technical project.


This is the most exciting part of Purdue Hackers.Hackthons are 36 hour coding competitions that take place all across the country. It is the craziest contest among hackers and the winner of hackathons will get the chance for internships in companies like Google, Facebook and Apple. It is like you only need to take one step and your final dream will come true.

Try to contact Purdue Hackers and figure out whether this is the organization suit you. Maybe joining Purdue Hackers will be a turning point in your life.



Might be the most important thing in 2016

This week the most breaking news is The Discovery of Gravitational Waves!!!!!!!!!!!

Your reaction may be……..

Okay, what is gravitational waves….is it delicious?…… Why everybody looks so exciting?….What?! Even my friend knows what is it? Oh come on ! I know his score on physics……

Okay I will try to pretend I know it…..Cheer the great Gravitational Waves!!

Before fake cheering , I want to share with you this article Physics Are Freaking out About Gravitational Waves and You should Too.

In this article you can get all the information about gravitational waves, you will know why it is so important and how did those scientists discover it. This article is explicit and easy to comprehend. It is the time for you to get the necessary knowledge to laugh at your pretentious friends.

But what I strongly recommended is this article: Science Nerds Twitter React to the Discovery of Gravitational Waves

You will see how this exciting news just explode those “Nerds” minds.

And how they conveyed their excitement is adorable.