Who is better, Batman or Superman?


We all know that the big movie Batman vs Superman is coming, but actually this is not their first fight in DC comics.

Here is what I found about 10 best fights between Batman and Superman.

If you are not familiar with their relations and little ‘history’, you can know a lot from this blog.

But my favorite one is the number 10 in this blog: The Dark Knight Returns.

It is the first time that Batman is portrayed as an aged hero. In this short paragraph, he was no more mighty. He was old and slow. He was beaten by criminals, he almost lost everything.

Even more, he broke his own creed: Never kill. He killed Joker.

In this status, he still have to face Superman. How can he even be any closer to the most powerful creature in this world ?

This comic is awesome because it ripps off all the Batman has. His power, his wisdom were all outdated. But still, we can see how Bruce Wayne upholds his justice. At last, he left hope behind him.

Believe me, it is a really good comic book. No childish at all.


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