Might be the most important thing in 2016

This week the most breaking news is The Discovery of Gravitational Waves!!!!!!!!!!!

Your reaction may be……..

Okay, what is gravitational waves….is it delicious?…… Why everybody looks so exciting?….What?! Even my friend knows what is it? Oh come on ! I know his score on physics……

Okay I will try to pretend I know it…..Cheer the great Gravitational Waves!!

Before fake cheering , I want to share with you this article Physics Are Freaking out About Gravitational Waves and You should Too.

In this article you can get all the information about gravitational waves, you will know why it is so important and how did those scientists discover it. This article is explicit and easy to comprehend. It is the time for you to get the necessary knowledge to laugh at your pretentious friends.

But what I strongly recommended is this article: Science Nerds Twitter React to the Discovery of Gravitational Waves

You will see how this exciting news just explode those “Nerds” minds.

And how they conveyed their excitement is adorable.


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