Coming Event!


Purdue Hackers is hosting a coding competition to see who can build the most deadly battleship bot the world has ever seen.The event will be held on February 26th from 6 to 9 pm at The Anvil.

You may wonder, are they really building a battleship? It is a robot or a kind of game? Actually the battleship is a kind of AI on the server coded by Purdue hackers.

Hackers will be sailors and soldiers at that time. There are rules and standards to assess the AIs and make them have actual fight with each other! The specific rules will be revealed next week.

This event can be a good start for you to get closer to this organization because it is more than a coding contest which may seems boring.  It is called battleship because it is indeed a virtual battleship!  This war is not only made up by a bunch of codes, also visual images included. The scene will be really wild then!

Here are some additional information:

1) All bots must be developed during the event
2) Skeleton/Starter code will be provided in multiple languages
3) Participants will have 2 hours to build their bots
4) The bot with the most battles won at the end of the night will be crowned the king of the sea.

Annnnnnd…….Free pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is your last concern, right? Even grabbing a slice of pizza and watching those virtual cannons shooting data bullets to each others can also be fun.

You can find more information on Purdue Hackers’ Facebook.


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