One of the Coolest Purdue Organization

Everyone knows that in present society, technology is developing in a unbelievable speed. The people who know technology are always standing ahead in this era. In Purdue, there is also a bunch of people who are trying to become the key players in the world of technology.

They are called Purdue Hackers.

Oh, don’t be back down by their names. They are not those hackers who locked themselves in small dark room staring at screens preparing some schemes. Actually there is no threshold to join them. Let us see what kind of event they hold:

1. Hack nights:

It is held twice a month to build network among hackers. They want you to bring any personal projects, ideas, or friends to build and learn about cool up and coming technologies. This is the place where you can find your best teammates and try to do something can lead to the changes. They also invite speakers from cutting edge companies in the industry as well.


You may know nothing about coding or technology, so you think all you can do is being jealous of those hackers. Not at all! Actually you are welcomed by Purdue Hackers.Ignite is a one on one coding bootcamp ran in the fall by the Purdue Hackers team. Incoming freshmen are each paired with an upperclassman mentor and over the course of the semester, is guided through the process of creating an awesome technical project.


This is the most exciting part of Purdue Hackers.Hackthons are 36 hour coding competitions that take place all across the country. It is the craziest contest among hackers and the winner of hackathons will get the chance for internships in companies like Google, Facebook and Apple. It is like you only need to take one step and your final dream will come true.

Try to contact Purdue Hackers and figure out whether this is the organization suit you. Maybe joining Purdue Hackers will be a turning point in your life.




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