Some ‘Dangerous’ Facts only Known by Technology Students


Purdue is a cool school. Actually it is so cooooooooool!

You may say, ‘ oh I don’t think so , we don’t looks fancy and we are quite conservative. ‘

No, you are totally wrong. There are two secrets hiding in the hearts of technology students. They only talk about these secrets by whispering.

Now, come closer, I will tell you.


1.We have a  Nuclear Reactor  (Yes, don’t mess with us)

In the basement of Purdue’s Electrical Engineering Building exists a curious sight: A 17-foot-deep, well-like structure filled with water and surrounded by equipment that seems straight out of science fiction.

It’s the Purdue University Reactor No. 1, or PUR-1, and it’s been helping nuclear engineering students understand the intricacies of nuclear fission since 1962.

And don’t be Panic. Because the reactor is built only for research purpose, the core can only produce up to one kilowatt of thermal energy, which is about the energy household toasters or hair driers. It is totally safe.

And it is also one of the 31 non-power-producing reactors in the country.



2. We grow Marijuana  (Yes, we are wild.)

Of course it is for industrial study!

Hemp, one of the world’s oldest cultivated crops, was once an important source of oilseed and fiber in the United States.Purdue researchers have planted test plots of industrial hemp to help provide answers to basic questions of its production.

The field day is at the Meigs Farm, part of Throckmorton Purdue Agricultural Center. The farm is at 9101 S. 100 E, about 10 miles south of Lafayette. (Don’t try to sneak to that place.)

It is under the control of Purdue Agricultural Department(which is one of the best agricultural departments in U.S.).


So what do you think now, our school sounds pretty cool, right?

And these ‘evil’ experiments are conducted by our geeks everyday.




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