Even Zuckerburg Cannot Stand the Temptation of VR,

Facebook recently announced it formed a “Social VR” team to build technology that creates new ways for people to have social experiences in virtual reality and to engage with Facebook’s network in virtual settings. Mark Zuckerburg unveiled the team on Sunday, the day before the Mobile World Congress began in Barcelona, Spain.

Back to last Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg invited President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to join him for a game of zero-gravity ping-pong on a virtual-reality headset.

They were like this:


Although it is hard to imagine they were playing ping-pong, but it looks really cool. All signs have shown that the era of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is coming.

So,everyone will looks like Robocop in 5 years? What is VR? What is the use of it? You may have a lot of questions about it. This article is to help readers to figure out the situation right now.

VR which can be referred to as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality, replicates an environment that simulates a physical presence in places in the real world or an imagined world, allowing the user to interact in that world. But right now technology can only enable people to see the “world”. Other interactions like  smell, touch will be realized in future. VR can be a world above reality, it can be a middle earth, or a galaxy far far away……

AR is cooler than VR. It is augmented reality. AR means that your interaction with your interface on the screen can show some real influence in your real world. You can see many operational menu floating in the real world through your AR glasses.

So when you are in VR, you are just immersing in a totally new world. All the things you can see have 3D structures and reactions to your actions.

Actually the potential of VR is so huge that this technology may trigger another generation of information era. I will show some hint and I believe you will immediately get inspired!

VR and News
VR and Education, Trainning
VR and Scientific Model Building
VR and Medical Science
VR and Online Business
VR and Sports Game
VR and Concert or Live


And game!!!!!!!

Right now VR games are on the rise.

Check this video out:  Introducing 360 dynamic streaming in VR. It will help you get the direct impact from VR game.

I think I got your attention right now. You must wonder, there seems to be many VR devices on market, are these products really mature enough to use?

Right now the hottest VR device is Oculus Rift


It is the most well known VR device. It is high-powered and tracking head movement. It has one of the best visual performance among all VR devices. Oculus is including an official Xbox One wireless gamepad with every headset.

There are other devices featuring different aspects.

Fore VR:


Its biggest feature is that it has an eye-tracking sensors, which allow users to interact with their virtual environment through their eyeballs, rather than a handheld controller like most of their competitors.

Sony’s headset

Sony-Project-Morpheus (1).jpg

For those PS4 players, their headsets designed for PS4 is coming. While it is for countering XBOX VR games, it is also a high quality VR devices.

Microsoft Hololens


Microsoft Hololens is aiming at augmented reality. It is an smarter, more interactive version of google glass. It want to be a daily necessities but there’s still a long way for it to go.

Google Cardboard


The cutest and cheapest one! There’s no advanced technology in it. It is made up by optical lens, hard paper and a little device connected to your phone which can shows the image of your vision on your phone. And it can provide the basic feeling of visual reality! It is called the VR gateway drug to let you get used to the vision in VR and help you to step into the coming era.


We can see this new technology is coming, but its footsteps are not firm enough. We still need to wait the huge development in this technology. But even seeing the first dawn light of this new era is so exciting !



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