Superhero Landing




Yes, we have seen this similar scene for thousands of times.

Okay it looks cool at the first time.

But when all superheroes REPEAT the same thing, we are thinking:

Why do you guys kneel down in front of your enemy every time,  every time!

So let us see how much  those superheroes are addicted to this posture.


Batman did it. (Okay Batman is a normal people with no superpower, we understand that he needs to kneel down to absorb the impact of landing. We forgive you, Bruce.)


Superman did it.(Come on, you are one of the most powerful superheroes. Be mature!)


Ant-man did it. ( Your landing is too small to be noticed.)


Black Widow did it. (You have the most graceful movement)


Thor did it (With a big hammer,it looks tiring)


Spiderman did it. (Don’t stick to ground)


Iron Man did it twice. (Maybe more than twice.)

This posture is too frequent in movie that we should introduce it into Olympics. Just like diving, it will be graded by balance, fluency and aesthetics of physical movements. And audience will cheer for the true winner.

Actually this posture is called 3 point landing which is often seen in movies or comic books. You may think it as some scientific movement for getting balance and reducing impact during the landing process.

But in fact, it is not. It is totally made up. Nobody do that, nobody. There’s no scientific evidence to support it.

The real 3 point landing refers to an aircraft landing in which both the main gear (the wheels further back on tricycle gear aircraft like airliners) and the nosewheel/tailwheel touch down on the runway at the same time, which is seen as a mark of skill among pilots.

So, trying to invent a new posture, superheroes!

P.S.  Captain America never did superhero landing (not in films.) Good job, Captain!



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