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The Coder Who Want to Be an Artist

There was a coder who wanted to be an piano artist.

He tried.

Then he got fired by his boss.


Funny Easter Eggs!!

This weekend is Easter day. So just eat your Easter eggs and check out these Easter eggs in your programs!


In Chrome,  Google for the phrase “do a barrel roll”. Your results page will be rotated through a complete 360 degrees before returning to normality.

2.Try typing any of the following into Google:

  • I’m feeling playful
  • I’m feeling wonderful
  • I’m feeling stellar
  • I’m feeling doodly

And you will find some interesting results. In the list of playful results is the site which has some Google Doodles to play with guitars.

3. Try typing =rand(4,4) into Microsoft Word, followed by the Enter key. That odd looking phrase will disappear and, in its place, four paragraphs each containing four sentences of largely random text will appear.

4. In Google , search for the words “blink” and “tag”. The two words will flash where they appear on the results page.

5. On your Android phone select “Settings”, then “About phone”, and now tap repeatedly and quickly on “Android version”. Eventually an image will appear featuring the green Android man. The graphics changes from one version of Android to another.

6.The last Easter egg is about Wechat,  the most popular chatting app in China.

Every one can see a picture of earth when they open the app.But do you know the secret of this picture?

Actually this is a photo. Its official ID is AS17-148-22727, called The BlueMarble. It was taken on Apollo 17, the last moon landing project. An astronaut took this photo by a Hasselblad Camera from the height of 45 thousands kilometers.

The Best Hero of the year—One Punch Man

I want to continue the topic on Wednesday. We should take another look at our superheroes.

When this subculture steps on stage, it looks a little bit silly. I am not saying that Superman, Batman, Spider Man, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Green Lantern, Aqua man, Azreal, Avengers, Cyclops, Wolverine, Jane, Storm, Magneto, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Hulk, Falcon, Flash, Forge, Angel, G.I.Joe, Hawkeye, Huntress, Iceman, Maverick, Nebula, Nightcrawler, Nomad, Omega Red, Phoenix, Robin, Nightwings, Captain America, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Green Arrow, Thing, Groot, Starlord, Beast, Gambit, Emma Frost, Ant-man, Watchers,  Daredevill……..Please, give me water……….

Okay, I mean, we just have too many superheroes and I  wonder why people haven’t been bored of it. Some guys out there are thinking the exactly same things as me. So this year, we have a great anti-superhero anime.

One Punch Man


Yes, this is the guy.This is the hero, and he is bald.

The story mainly is that this guy is the most powerful man in this world. He can beat anything by just one punch.

What??? Are you sure this is not the end of the story??

I am quite sure….So story is about how he gets bored of saving our earth. He is eager to meet some powerful enemies. But those aliens, monsters, freak scientists, super robots….who wants to invade our world are already dead when he try to hit the second punch……..

There is nothing  cannot be fixed by one punch.

This anime is called anti-superhero because its plot is totally reversed comparing to traditional superhero movies. The main character, one punch man, is just a normal person. One day he decided to be a superhero because “I just like the feeling to be a hero.” In the next three years he did 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10-km running everyday. He lost his hairs, but he became the most powerful man in the world.

This is sarcasm to major superhero movies. The main character has no superpower. His secrets to be the best is keeping exercise. His power doesn’t get upgraded by others’ help or any training. He doesn’t have duties any any history with enemies. All his motivation to be a hero is for fun. Oh he also loves supermarkets’ clearance sales.

When he faces enemies, he doesn’t even allow them to talk!! We all know that villains talk a lot. His popular phrase is : “OK, stop talking and get my punch.”

He is even bald!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodbye good looking!! Goodbye cool elements!! He wears a pear of gloves which is usually for washing dishes. In most time he looks like this:



But the anime is more than just sarcasm. The anime tries to discuss a question: how to define a hero? Who is a hero? What kind of person can be a hero? I won’t spoil you guys. Just to check it out!

By the way, it is regarded as the best Japanese Anime of this year.





How do normal people think of upcoming Superman vs Batman

new-superman-meme .jpg

For a person who is totally not interested in superhero culture, how do those superheroes look like in their eyes. I always think that to the people like my grandpa superheroes are just like a bunch of crowns or some freaks wearing costumes. I always have a doubt that whether these subculture created by us is weird.

On Monday I interviewed my classmate, Leah Jones. She just doesn’t care superhero movies at all. Basically she knew nothing about superheroes and she doesn’t like them or hate them. So it gives us a chance to look again to our culture from an objective perspective.

Q: So you really know nothing about superheroes? Even famous Superman and Batman?

L: Yes, I just know how they look like. Besides that, I know nothing.

Q: You must have no interest on the big upcoming S V B movie?

L: Yes.

Q: How do you think of superhero culture? Do you think that they are too childish, or too silly? Or do you find them attractive?

L: No I think they are not silly or childish, but they have no attraction to me. So it is just a way for people to entertain.

Q: Have you watched any movies related to superheroes、

L: I have watched Ant-Man.

Q: Did you enjoy it? Did you find it a good entertainment?

L: Yes I did enjoy it. I think it is a good entertainment because it brings much excitement.

Q: And you think it is just an entertainment, right? Nothing more? Do you think it can be some higher level movies?

L: It is just for entertaining people. I see no meaning from it. People get happiness from this kind of movies, that’s it. It cannot reach higher level.

Q: Don’t you think it is weird? Why?

L: Not at all. I mean people can create anything for fun.

Spring Break is Coming!

Spring break is coming, sorry I will take a break so there will be no blogs updated next week. Geeks, go outside! Have a trip ! Don’t stare at your screen any more.

So talking about trips, I want to introduce some cool technology equipment for trip. You will find them very useful and convenient.

This is not an advertisement! Repeat, this is not an advertisement!.

Travel Router


Many people suffer the poor spotty internet during trips, but it can be avoided with a good travel router. It can deliver you a steady and fast internet. A travel router is often small, slightly longer than an iPhone 5 and about twice as thick.

To share Internet access, you simply turn it on (after you charge up the battery if you’re going cordless) and plug it into your router or your 3G/4G/LTE adapter. It creates its own wireless hotspot for you to use.  It also delivers on ease of use, which is just as important when you’re on the go.

Luggage Tracker


Lost luggage can be a travel catastrophe. But with a luggage tracker, you can easily track down your luggage anytime.

Usually, you register a luggage tracker on its company’s Web site and activate it online. When you’re packing for a trip, you turn on the tracker. Don’t worry, a luggage tracker is often smaller than a deck of cards, and fits right in your packed bag.

A luggage trackers  is easy to use: Once packed into your luggage, it notifies you by email and/or SMS when it reaches an airport (you select these notification options when you register the device).It knows enough to go to sleep when it’s in flight, and awaken when it reaches its destination. If that destination isn’t the proper one, you can locate the bag and get it shipped to you.

But there are still some disadvantages.The tracker’s location alerts do not pinpoint its exact location. It simply tells you it’s arrived at an airport.  It’s not a perfect system, but it’s a  start on finding lost luggage

Thin Glasses + Phone Case

thinoptics iphone 6 case with ruby red glasses

Are you annoyed by finding your glasses every time when you need to read something? This is a good idea to fix that.

This new kind of portable glasses is light weighted. It has flexible bridges which can be bended. Even without the support from ears, it can still hold on fairly well.



New Lecture from Computer Science Department



This Friday, March 11th, CS department has another speaker coming. The speech will be given by Dr. Alec Jacobson who comes from Columbia University. 

His topic is about Breaking Barriers between Humans and Geometry. 

It looks like math problem, but actually he is going to talk about a new technology of 3D model building. If you are intersted in 3D animation  or game design,  it will be a quite beneficial lecture.

The lecture will begin at 11:00 am , LWSN 3102A/B. 

This time I will doing the live tweet covering the whole process of this lecture. You can join me on Twitter account: @Cyclops117.

I will try to offer explicit details and explanations about the lecture.

We all know Donald Trump talks a lot, but did he say something about Technology?

Check out my Storify story: Trump is coming!!


Although the fact that he is getting closer to the position of president is not funny, everyone is getting fun from his countless shocking speeches and words.

So this Storify is just made for geeks to consume Trump and have some fun.

But if he successfully make it to the president, all of these suddenly are not just jokes  and yelling anymore.

The best “Battleship” has set its sail from Purdue Hackers

the Site of the contest

On February 26th, Purdue Hackers held the exciting “Battleship” Contest at The Anvil. Some feedback shows that this new kind of programming event is innovative and helping the Hackers community becoming more and more cohesive.

The instruction of the contest is: each team will try their best to build a “battleship” which is actually an AI with all the functions of a real battleship fleet. Once the battleship is  finished, there will be one on one duel between battleships! !

The bloody battle will be real-time. When your fleet get connected to the server, you are stepping into the battlefield. How your fleet will perform will based on what functions you have enabled your battleships. The real “fight” looked like a game of chess. AI will automatically react during the battle, and the result and the whole process will be displayed on the screen with simple figures.

Struggling Participants

This kind of contest is combining both creativity and fun together. Comparing to traditional Hackathon, it is simpler, with much more fun. Traditional Hackathon is high demanding, requiring participants to create an actual product . In order to make an app or a program, participants usually need a 6 people team to work for a total 48 hours without any sleeps. Such a high requirement scares many rookies. Even those high skilled participants do not have the best experience during an Hackathon because any little mistakes may lead to the final failure. Many final products in Hackathon are of no practical use at all. These outcomes waste participants a big amount of time only showing the level of ideas and skills of participants.

Team Work

In contrast, Battleship only takes 3 hours with more people can be involved in it. And the best part of the Battleship is, people are having fun!!! It is a party for the coders in Purdue to know each other! It is a learning opportunity for rookies to learn a lot from seniors. Every round  was so exciting that even the virtual war can bring participants a huge sense of achievement. Everyone was satisfied in this contest.

And by holding such a great event, Purdue Hacker is gaining its influence and reputation among computer science students. I wish them to expand their creativity and bring more good events just like Battleships.

See you Next Battleship


The “Real” Tips for IPHONE battery-saving


I think we have all heard about some tips to save our Iphone battery. There has already been countless tips on internet. But some of them are not as useful as others which are totally not worth any tries.

1.Active Low Power Mode

Under this mode, apps can help to further increase battery life by disabling animations and other battery-heavy features.

And the great thing about this is that you’re prompted to turn it on when the battery hits 20 percent and then again at the 10 percent mark.

The disadvantage part is that your Iphone does run slower.

2.Turn down the brightness

Or you can turn on the auto-brightness which allows your Iphone to determine the illumination condition. But manually adjusting it will helps you save more energy.

3. Turn off Wifi when not use it

Wifi is working all the time. It will have kept searching since the moment you turn it on. It really burns your battery. Just turn it off when you do not need it which will help to extend your battery-life.

4.Turn off Cellular data.

According to researchers, it is one of the biggest drains on the battery when your iphone is in a location where there was no cellular coverage.  It continually looks for a cellular connection which also burns your battery.

5.Airplane Mode

This is helpful because it turns off any kinds of connections your iphone attempts to make. Just turn on the mode and your iphone is completely isolated.  It is a good way to give your iphone a break.

There are also many other tips about Iphone battery-saving, but as the time goes by, people start to find that some of them are not helping.

The 5 tips that basically make no difference of battery-saving:

  • Turning off Bluetooth 
  • Closing apps
  • Turning off the auto time zone feature.
  • Turning off vibrate for calls and texts.
  • Turning off Spotlight search.

You may be surprised about closing apps. It still depends on whether the app is running dramatically at background. Actually most apps do not act, only some social medias may try to receive information in background of which the consumption of energy is nearly nothing.


In Future, People won’t waste any time on looking for their phones!

I think this scene looks familiar to everyone.


When you wake up and your phone is not where you left it.

You try very hard, but still you have no clue about where it is. You begin to doubt that whether there was a black hole in your room make it disappear. When you desperately turn around, you found that it is on the table. Then you recall how you put it on the table last night and you find that the whole “rescue operation” takes your 20 minutes. 

I think it bothered engineers too. So they are studying how to make Mobile Device sense User’s Location. And on March 3rd, 10:30 am- 11:30am, in LWSN 3102A/B, there will be a lecture given by He Wang, a PHD in UIUC, talking about this topic. He will speak in details about his research on how to tracking human footsteps and localizing humans in indoor environment. The location sensor will not be only used for users to find their phones more easily, but can be also applied to help mobile devices to read human behaviors.