In Future, People won’t waste any time on looking for their phones!

I think this scene looks familiar to everyone.


When you wake up and your phone is not where you left it.

You try very hard, but still you have no clue about where it is. You begin to doubt that whether there was a black hole in your room make it disappear. When you desperately turn around, you found that it is on the table. Then you recall how you put it on the table last night and you find that the whole “rescue operation” takes your 20 minutes. 

I think it bothered engineers too. So they are studying how to make Mobile Device sense User’s Location. And on March 3rd, 10:30 am- 11:30am, in LWSN 3102A/B, there will be a lecture given by He Wang, a PHD in UIUC, talking about this topic. He will speak in details about his research on how to tracking human footsteps and localizing humans in indoor environment. The location sensor will not be only used for users to find their phones more easily, but can be also applied to help mobile devices to read human behaviors.




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