The “Real” Tips for IPHONE battery-saving


I think we have all heard about some tips to save our Iphone battery. There has already been countless tips on internet. But some of them are not as useful as others which are totally not worth any tries.

1.Active Low Power Mode

Under this mode, apps can help to further increase battery life by disabling animations and other battery-heavy features.

And the great thing about this is that you’re prompted to turn it on when the battery hits 20 percent and then again at the 10 percent mark.

The disadvantage part is that your Iphone does run slower.

2.Turn down the brightness

Or you can turn on the auto-brightness which allows your Iphone to determine the illumination condition. But manually adjusting it will helps you save more energy.

3. Turn off Wifi when not use it

Wifi is working all the time. It will have kept searching since the moment you turn it on. It really burns your battery. Just turn it off when you do not need it which will help to extend your battery-life.

4.Turn off Cellular data.

According to researchers, it is one of the biggest drains on the battery when your iphone is in a location where there was no cellular coverage.  It continually looks for a cellular connection which also burns your battery.

5.Airplane Mode

This is helpful because it turns off any kinds of connections your iphone attempts to make. Just turn on the mode and your iphone is completely isolated.  It is a good way to give your iphone a break.

There are also many other tips about Iphone battery-saving, but as the time goes by, people start to find that some of them are not helping.

The 5 tips that basically make no difference of battery-saving:

  • Turning off Bluetooth 
  • Closing apps
  • Turning off the auto time zone feature.
  • Turning off vibrate for calls and texts.
  • Turning off Spotlight search.

You may be surprised about closing apps. It still depends on whether the app is running dramatically at background. Actually most apps do not act, only some social medias may try to receive information in background of which the consumption of energy is nearly nothing.



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