The best “Battleship” has set its sail from Purdue Hackers

the Site of the contest

On February 26th, Purdue Hackers held the exciting “Battleship” Contest at The Anvil. Some feedback shows that this new kind of programming event is innovative and helping the Hackers community becoming more and more cohesive.

The instruction of the contest is: each team will try their best to build a “battleship” which is actually an AI with all the functions of a real battleship fleet. Once the battleship is  finished, there will be one on one duel between battleships! !

The bloody battle will be real-time. When your fleet get connected to the server, you are stepping into the battlefield. How your fleet will perform will based on what functions you have enabled your battleships. The real “fight” looked like a game of chess. AI will automatically react during the battle, and the result and the whole process will be displayed on the screen with simple figures.

Struggling Participants

This kind of contest is combining both creativity and fun together. Comparing to traditional Hackathon, it is simpler, with much more fun. Traditional Hackathon is high demanding, requiring participants to create an actual product . In order to make an app or a program, participants usually need a 6 people team to work for a total 48 hours without any sleeps. Such a high requirement scares many rookies. Even those high skilled participants do not have the best experience during an Hackathon because any little mistakes may lead to the final failure. Many final products in Hackathon are of no practical use at all. These outcomes waste participants a big amount of time only showing the level of ideas and skills of participants.

Team Work

In contrast, Battleship only takes 3 hours with more people can be involved in it. And the best part of the Battleship is, people are having fun!!! It is a party for the coders in Purdue to know each other! It is a learning opportunity for rookies to learn a lot from seniors. Every round  was so exciting that even the virtual war can bring participants a huge sense of achievement. Everyone was satisfied in this contest.

And by holding such a great event, Purdue Hacker is gaining its influence and reputation among computer science students. I wish them to expand their creativity and bring more good events just like Battleships.

See you Next Battleship



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