Spring Break is Coming!

Spring break is coming, sorry I will take a break so there will be no blogs updated next week. Geeks, go outside! Have a trip ! Don’t stare at your screen any more.

So talking about trips, I want to introduce some cool technology equipment for trip. You will find them very useful and convenient.

This is not an advertisement! Repeat, this is not an advertisement!.

Travel Router


Many people suffer the poor spotty internet during trips, but it can be avoided with a good travel router. It can deliver you a steady and fast internet. A travel router is often small, slightly longer than an iPhone 5 and about twice as thick.

To share Internet access, you simply turn it on (after you charge up the battery if you’re going cordless) and plug it into your router or your 3G/4G/LTE adapter. It creates its own wireless hotspot for you to use.  It also delivers on ease of use, which is just as important when you’re on the go.

Luggage Tracker


Lost luggage can be a travel catastrophe. But with a luggage tracker, you can easily track down your luggage anytime.

Usually, you register a luggage tracker on its company’s Web site and activate it online. When you’re packing for a trip, you turn on the tracker. Don’t worry, a luggage tracker is often smaller than a deck of cards, and fits right in your packed bag.

A luggage trackers  is easy to use: Once packed into your luggage, it notifies you by email and/or SMS when it reaches an airport (you select these notification options when you register the device).It knows enough to go to sleep when it’s in flight, and awaken when it reaches its destination. If that destination isn’t the proper one, you can locate the bag and get it shipped to you.

But there are still some disadvantages.The tracker’s location alerts do not pinpoint its exact location. It simply tells you it’s arrived at an airport.  It’s not a perfect system, but it’s a  start on finding lost luggage

Thin Glasses + Phone Case

thinoptics iphone 6 case with ruby red glasses

Are you annoyed by finding your glasses every time when you need to read something? This is a good idea to fix that.

This new kind of portable glasses is light weighted. It has flexible bridges which can be bended. Even without the support from ears, it can still hold on fairly well.




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