How do normal people think of upcoming Superman vs Batman

new-superman-meme .jpg

For a person who is totally not interested in superhero culture, how do those superheroes look like in their eyes. I always think that to the people like my grandpa superheroes are just like a bunch of crowns or some freaks wearing costumes. I always have a doubt that whether these subculture created by us is weird.

On Monday I interviewed my classmate, Leah Jones. She just doesn’t care superhero movies at all. Basically she knew nothing about superheroes and she doesn’t like them or hate them. So it gives us a chance to look again to our culture from an objective perspective.

Q: So you really know nothing about superheroes? Even famous Superman and Batman?

L: Yes, I just know how they look like. Besides that, I know nothing.

Q: You must have no interest on the big upcoming S V B movie?

L: Yes.

Q: How do you think of superhero culture? Do you think that they are too childish, or too silly? Or do you find them attractive?

L: No I think they are not silly or childish, but they have no attraction to me. So it is just a way for people to entertain.

Q: Have you watched any movies related to superheroes、

L: I have watched Ant-Man.

Q: Did you enjoy it? Did you find it a good entertainment?

L: Yes I did enjoy it. I think it is a good entertainment because it brings much excitement.

Q: And you think it is just an entertainment, right? Nothing more? Do you think it can be some higher level movies?

L: It is just for entertaining people. I see no meaning from it. People get happiness from this kind of movies, that’s it. It cannot reach higher level.

Q: Don’t you think it is weird? Why?

L: Not at all. I mean people can create anything for fun.


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