The Best Hero of the year—One Punch Man

I want to continue the topic on Wednesday. We should take another look at our superheroes.

When this subculture steps on stage, it looks a little bit silly. I am not saying that Superman, Batman, Spider Man, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Green Lantern, Aqua man, Azreal, Avengers, Cyclops, Wolverine, Jane, Storm, Magneto, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Hulk, Falcon, Flash, Forge, Angel, G.I.Joe, Hawkeye, Huntress, Iceman, Maverick, Nebula, Nightcrawler, Nomad, Omega Red, Phoenix, Robin, Nightwings, Captain America, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Green Arrow, Thing, Groot, Starlord, Beast, Gambit, Emma Frost, Ant-man, Watchers,  Daredevill……..Please, give me water……….

Okay, I mean, we just have too many superheroes and I  wonder why people haven’t been bored of it. Some guys out there are thinking the exactly same things as me. So this year, we have a great anti-superhero anime.

One Punch Man


Yes, this is the guy.This is the hero, and he is bald.

The story mainly is that this guy is the most powerful man in this world. He can beat anything by just one punch.

What??? Are you sure this is not the end of the story??

I am quite sure….So story is about how he gets bored of saving our earth. He is eager to meet some powerful enemies. But those aliens, monsters, freak scientists, super robots….who wants to invade our world are already dead when he try to hit the second punch……..

There is nothing  cannot be fixed by one punch.

This anime is called anti-superhero because its plot is totally reversed comparing to traditional superhero movies. The main character, one punch man, is just a normal person. One day he decided to be a superhero because “I just like the feeling to be a hero.” In the next three years he did 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10-km running everyday. He lost his hairs, but he became the most powerful man in the world.

This is sarcasm to major superhero movies. The main character has no superpower. His secrets to be the best is keeping exercise. His power doesn’t get upgraded by others’ help or any training. He doesn’t have duties any any history with enemies. All his motivation to be a hero is for fun. Oh he also loves supermarkets’ clearance sales.

When he faces enemies, he doesn’t even allow them to talk!! We all know that villains talk a lot. His popular phrase is : “OK, stop talking and get my punch.”

He is even bald!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodbye good looking!! Goodbye cool elements!! He wears a pear of gloves which is usually for washing dishes. In most time he looks like this:



But the anime is more than just sarcasm. The anime tries to discuss a question: how to define a hero? Who is a hero? What kind of person can be a hero? I won’t spoil you guys. Just to check it out!

By the way, it is regarded as the best Japanese Anime of this year.






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