Funny Easter Eggs!!

This weekend is Easter day. So just eat your Easter eggs and check out these Easter eggs in your programs!


In Chrome,  Google for the phrase “do a barrel roll”. Your results page will be rotated through a complete 360 degrees before returning to normality.

2.Try typing any of the following into Google:

  • I’m feeling playful
  • I’m feeling wonderful
  • I’m feeling stellar
  • I’m feeling doodly

And you will find some interesting results. In the list of playful results is the site which has some Google Doodles to play with guitars.

3. Try typing =rand(4,4) into Microsoft Word, followed by the Enter key. That odd looking phrase will disappear and, in its place, four paragraphs each containing four sentences of largely random text will appear.

4. In Google , search for the words “blink” and “tag”. The two words will flash where they appear on the results page.

5. On your Android phone select “Settings”, then “About phone”, and now tap repeatedly and quickly on “Android version”. Eventually an image will appear featuring the green Android man. The graphics changes from one version of Android to another.

6.The last Easter egg is about Wechat,  the most popular chatting app in China.

Every one can see a picture of earth when they open the app.But do you know the secret of this picture?

Actually this is a photo. Its official ID is AS17-148-22727, called The BlueMarble. It was taken on Apollo 17, the last moon landing project. An astronaut took this photo by a Hasselblad Camera from the height of 45 thousands kilometers.


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