Apple’s first employee

We are all familiar with Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. They are the founder of apple. We have heard thousands of stories about them. But do you know who is the apple’s first employee?

His name is Bill Fernandez.

When it came to computers and electronics, few people knew the workings of Wozniak’s mind better than Fernandez. He and Wozniak grew up as neighbors and had known each other since the fourth grade. In high school, Fernandez told Wozniak that there was a kid he needed to meet because he was into electronics and practical jokes.

It was a kid named Steve Jobs.

They have been friends since middle school, but Fernandez was the last guy to join the famous company.

In 1977, when Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple II, there were many other nerds working on building a personal computer.

But Wozniak beat them to it, and Jobs knew how to sell it.

The Apple II was the product that turned Apple into Apple. It was the iPhone of its era, the product that redefined personal computer.

Its real magic was Wozniak’s minimalism. He integrated many technologies and components together, and he did it with as few parts as possible. It was the first low-cost computer which people don’t have to be a geek to use it.

But the Apple II did not even work. Wozniak’s prototype worked. But when they laid it out as a circuit board, it did not work reliably. Wozniak didn’t have the skills to fix that.

But Wozniak knew who was the best option. He invited Fernandez to be their technician. Later they began their work at Fernandez’s garage.

So Fernandez was the guy to fix everything. That was his first task as an Apple technician.

History may not remember this guy. But without Fernandez, the Apple II may have never become the machine that started the personal computer movement. In fact, if it wasn’t for Fernandez, there may have never even been a company named Apple Computer.



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