Get Rid of VR Sickness

I guess many of you are facing the same problem as me. Since my childhood, every time I played a 3D game, I would experience 3D sickness. This problem has bothered me for a  quite long time. And I can never enjoy 3D games due to this kind of dizzy.

Actually this phenomenon is also called VR sickness. It is similar to motion sickness like seasickness. Many people told me the reason I suffer this kind of sickness is because that I have a great sense of balance.

But actually the real reason for why this sickness occurs is still unknown. The closest explanation is that your self-perception of location cannot fit the situation your body is experiencing. But it is just a kind of hypothesis. It still needs more scientific support to determine the true causation.

Although we don’t know the principle of VR sickness, we have several methods to reduce it.The article ‘ A zap to the head may help.‘ indicates that a little electric shock in your head may have a great effect on your nausea. Another article ‘Oculus Rift teach you how to prevent VR sickness‘ shows some useful ways for those who desired to play FPS game but cannot endure VR sickness. This article tells us how to perform in games to minimalize gamers’ pain.


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