How it is like to work at a start up?

Spencer Brown, a previous President of Purdue Hackers, shared his experiences working at various startups including Mixmax, his current company, on Friday, April 8th. This event attracted almost 60 Purdue hackers to attend.

He mainly talked about the tradeoffs of working at a smaller company, that in a startup every employee needs to be a person with multiple functions. Many people are overwhelmed, but they get a good exercise in many perspectives that they never tried before. He also didn’t forget what he was doing right now. Mixmax is trying to build an assistant which can be plugged in your mailbox.

He also talked about what you need to know to start a startup. To my surprise, he regarded money as most important things. Without money, nothing can be started. He told some stories and insights of the industry of startup.
He also mentionedMixmax is hiring for full-time and internships, which got the most attention and interest from audiences during the whole event.  The whole Q &A session was mainly focusing on answering questions about jobs.

Every participant seemed to enjoy the free Mexican Food and the sharing meeting.  It was also a good opportunity to gather everyone together. People relaxed and chatted with each other, which felt really good. From this event, we can see the effort spent by Purdue Hackers to help the community members on job market. This is a good beginning for them.

it was also a good opportunity to gather everyone together.

The review of the event:

The interview of an organizer:


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