This week is a Commitment week!

Purdue Hacker is holding a commitment week. What is a commitment week? Let us firstly listen to an introduction from one of the Purdue Hackers, Taek.

So this activity is trying to get everybody involved and give them an opportunity to learn from each other. From Github you can dirrectly view others’ codes design, which is a good way to share your ideas and experience with the community.

This is also a traditional way for coders to hold events, lol.

Don’t miss this event! It is very useful!

TheGithub page of this event gives the following instructions:

Adding your project to the repository


> git clone [git-repo-url] commitmentweek
> cd commitmentweek

Add your repository as a submodule, add, commit, and push!

> git submodule add YourRepoURL 
> git add . 
> git commit -m "Adding MyProjectName"
> git push -u origin master


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