A new way to survive in India.

I just read this really interesting article about How google maps will now help you avoid traffic jams across india.

Everyone has tried the navigation mode of google map, we knew that it can automatically choose the quickest route and tell you how many minutes you can save by the better route. But now the navigation mode will tell you more. When you chose a busy route, it will report the route condition like “heavier route” and how many minutes you will waste on this route.  Also sometimes it will give you a traffic alert to inform you about some  really bad traffic jams.

What google are doing is combining the real-time traffic information into  their apps. It is newly released by their Indian engineers. Although now it can only be used in India, it will soon expanded to U.S.

But!!!! I had an ultimate big question for their Indian engineers. How do they deal with those cows on road!!! An afternoon walk of a cow can often cause a big traffic jam because cows are regarded as sacred. You never know how long will it sit in the middle of a road. The only things you know is that you should never piss it off.

Since the engineers cannot answer my questions, I guess cows may be portraied  as some serious traffic alerts.

“Warning, A cow on road XXXXX”



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