Where are we going?

As the technology of Virtual Reality growing mature, I really don’t know what is the future we are approaching. Just like what the famous movie Matrix portrayed, virtual reality is likely to replace our real life.

The movie Matrix tells a story that human beings are governed by machines. People are forced to live in a virtual world where they cannot sense that their life is not real.

So the problem is if our virtual life is wonderful enough, why we still bother ourselves to live a real, painful life? If another world will definitely emerge, so will another society? How do we distinguish the reality and the virtuality?

Fortunately, I think the technology won’t be mature enough to create a complete perfect virtual world before my death. So I don’t need to worry that I will be addicted to a virtual world. But I think that this technology will necessarily bring a new kind of emotion, or kill an old one.

Just like the case of social medias, people are changed a lot by technologies in past decades. Before social medias, when we were apart, we missed each other. At that time, missing a person was a kind of a vague emotion. If we missed a person, we imagined how he lived, how he felt. When we had an opportunity to met each other again, we often felt a great surprise and joy. It was actually a little bit romantic.

Then social medias killed this emotion. Nowadays we can contact others and check others’ life at any time. We don’t need to spend time on missing somebody. You can see who you want to see every day. People’s emotion is becoming simpler and simpler. I cannot say whether this is good or not, but there is something missing forever.

The same thing will also happen to  virtual reality. I don’t know what will be taken away by this technology, and what will be brought to us.

I guess this is how human beings grow and evolve. When we develop a new technology, we just adapt ourselves to it. We get rid of our useless parts and accept new ones.

Are we growing healthily ?  We will see. But the old time is always good, and I will definitely miss it.


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