Do you remember Liam?

Liam is the robot invented by Apple for environmental concerns. People just need to return their old phones to Apple shops, Liam will automatically disassemble the phone to extract  valuable metal from it. How does it do so far?

According to the article, Apple has literally extracted a ton of gold from recycling old hardware. It recovered over 61 million pounds of metals and plastics, the most valuable of which was 2,204lb (997.1kg) of gold. At today’s gold prices it would be worth roughly $40m.

Guess how many iPhones have been “killed” by Liam? 1.2 million iPhones. That is an incredible number which shows not only the power of Liam but more about the whole advanced recycling flow of Apple.

At the announcement conference in March, there were not many people paying attention to Liam. They thought it was just a public relation strategy. But Liam is not just a robot, or for public relation. It is an innovation story. A new trend is coming.

Now Liam has proved that it works!! Big companies do have the power to solve serious problems.

I think that is what Apple really want to do. They did not just announce a simple distracting robot.It is more about a kind of leading sense. They are showing what future could be and what way can we use to improve our environment. They want to change and define the industry.

Apple is applying an example to the industry. They show us what a big company can do and should do . There will be a day that the standard for all companies is to equip a complete resource recycling system.

Or they can hire Apple to do this.


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