A dream comes true

Maybe you know that Tesla is trying to develop autopilot for their advanced cars. But do you know it is already completed and applied to reality?

Now Tesla users can have a try on autopilot for one month!

Every new Tesla mobile has been equipped with the hardware to realize autopilot. It uses many sensors, radars and cameras to detect the road condition. It can maintain the car in the current lane with a safe speed. Also it has a quick response to engage with coming traffic. Many people may have a doubt that whether it is safe to use autopilot system. Actually it is much safer and easier than manually driving. You can imagine that when emergency occurs, it is hard for you to make any reactions, and you might do something wrong in the moment. But this will never happen to autopilot system.

During the whole autopiloting process, you can check the screen to see how it drives your car. If you are not satisfied with its performance, you can always change it under your control immediately.

Check the blog released by Tesla to have a more detailed information.

The funny thing is, many people don’t believe that autopilot has come to reality. They still think that it is in a far away future. Check this funny video of a granny’s response to autopilot.



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