Game of Thrones

The new season of Game of Thrones will be released today !  This Tv show can be named as one of the most popular TV shows in history. I myself is also a big fan of this show.

This Tv shows is so popular that I will just skip those “Normal ” fun facts which may already be familiar to you. I finally found these fun fact that you may have never seen.

1. Sean Bean played soccer with his prosthetic head after dying.

Sean Bean is famous for his fate in movies or Tv shows. Every character he played was killed, including our Northen King. This time, Sean was a little creeped out by his unavoidable death, or his prosthetic head. He played his head as a soccer.

2. Graphic designer Michael Tyznik has made his own TFL style underground maps to reflect geography of George RR Martin’s world.

You can get the circle line from Casterly Rock to King’s Landing. And Stark family didn’t need to go all the way from the North to King’s Landing. Imagine the scene that they just hop on a train with their wolfs.

Game of Thrones rail map

3. Harry Lloyd, who played Viserys Targaryen, is the great-great-great grandson of Charles Dickens.

Viserys Targaryen (Harry Lloyd) is the great-great-great grandson of Charles Dickens.

This fact is really shocking among those countless “fun” facts of the casts which only tell you about who is dating whom.

4. George R.R. Martin has Game of Thrones Insurance. 

Soon after Game of Thrones started on HBO, Martin sat down with showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and told them the ending of the books, in case he dies before he has a chance to finish writing; or perhaps. – if people on Twitter are as dangerous as they claim – if Martin gets assassinated by angry fans who are upset that he has murdered their favorite characters.

There is a possibility that Martin may get assassinated by angry fans who are upset that he has murdered their favorite characters.—He had killed too many of them.

5. Many babies are born with a name of Westeros. 

In 2014, 1544 babies were named Arya in the United States, making it the 216th most popular name.

In addition to Arya, 368 babies were named Khaleesi – which technically is a title bestowed upon a person meaning “Queen,” and not a name – while 60 were named Tyrion.

Thankfully, there are no records of anyone naming their kid Joffrey; or at least no one admitting to naming their kid Joffrey.

6.  The writers put in fake death scenes to trick the actors.

Sometimes writers gave fake scripts to trick the actor. When those actors read their scripts, they were thinking ‘omg I will get killed, how to act that?’ Then about three weeks later the writer would tell them the truth. ‘Sorry guys it was just a joke.’

7. The opening title sequence was inspired by one of Leonardo da Vinci’s machines.


According to the designer, one of the Leonardo da Vinci’s machine is a little world inside a big complicated globe. The continents on the globe can be moved and changed into different shapes to display geographic dynamics.

9. Check out how Japanese fans portray Game of Thrones. 

Bran Stark and Hodor journey north

Tyrion at the Eyrie

Battle of the Trident


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