What should a tech student do during the upcoming summer?




The important things should be repeated 3 times

For technology students, an  internship is so important that  it is rated as the most decisive things on your career fair. When you graduate, a good internship is much more useful than your high GPA. Every summer vacation should not be wasted for you can always use your experience of old internships to find a better one for the next summer.

So geeks can’t have any recreation during summer?


The biggest comic conversation is coming.

San Diego Comic-Con International

Comic-Con International: San Diego


It is regarded as the best Comic Conference in the year. Actually in every year. Those biggest comic companies and game companies can never risk missing one. It will be a Disney land for geeks.

This year it will be held in San Diego Conference Centre in California starting on July 20th. Check their official website to see how many special guests will attend this big event ! Even the list of special guest is 7 pages long !


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