Monthly Archives: May 2016

The end of this Blog

In programming, the first lesson is always to write some code to display ‘Hello World’. Now it is the time for this blog to say ‘Goodbye World’. But my love for this world will last forever.

Thank you all for being the audience of this blog. This blog has covered news, stories or event previews about Purdue Geeks for the entire spring semester from January to May 2016. It is an honor and interesting thing to follow them.

It is an honor and interesting thing to follow them. I have learned a lot from them. The people we call geek is not just a bunch of Technology weirdos. They are a group of people who pay more passion on what they love. They stick to what they do, never really get disturbed by others. I can see a pure love for creativity with a great concentration on those people. It is such a pleasure to have these lovely people around us on campus.

I think for normal students we should also equip ourselves with some geek vision. This world is moving forward so fast. There are countless new technologies emerging every day changing our life. As a com student, what I learned from this experience is we should always have an eye to observe the influence on our society brought by technology. Technology is changing, so is our humanity.

At last, I want to thank all the people who once helped me with this blog. The advice, information or resources offered by those people are very valuable to me.

I hope one day I will focus on this group of people and open another blog again! See you in future!